Dear Family and Friends,

Welcome to our wedding website! We are so excited to have our family and friends join us in Cancun for our wedding celebration! We've created this site to provide all the information you will need, from travel and accommodation to event dates and details. We will share more information along the way,
so please check back for updates.

We are grateful to have all of you in our lives. Your love, support, and blessings mean the world to us as we begin our journey. We hope all of you can join us for our wedding day, as we take our first steps together.

Love, Paresh and Pooja


Re-live the classic moments from our wedding

The Wedding

The Dances

The Speeches

You Are Invited

Deepa & Jagdish Vadavia
Soni & Ramesh Sadhwani

Warmly request your presence at the wedding ceremony of their children

Paresh & Pooja

On Saturday, the fifteenth of April, Two Thousand Seventeen

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, Cancun, Mexico

Special Events


Kalpesh Vadavia & Jai Sadhwani cordially invites you to an exciting evening of dinner, dancing, music & musti to start off the celebrations for Paresh & Pooja's wedding

Date: Wednesday April 12, 2017
Time: 8:00 PM to 1 AM
Venue: Caribbean Beach (Grand Section)
Attire: Colourful / Chic


"As mehndi adorns our hands, it brings joyous colour to our lives"
Arti, Rita, Sheena, Vivian, Nika & Nofar invite you to join them for a colourful evening to celebrate
Pooja's Mehndi Ceremony

After which

Kalpesh, Rohaan, Sonny, Jignesh, Vasanth, Suvro, Tommy, Pavan, Navdeep, Mikey, Sathesh, Kirat, Shiv & Elie invite you to join them for an evening of Song, Dance, dandia garba.

Date: Thursday April 13, 2017
Mehndi: Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Sangeet: Time: 8:00 PM - 3 AM
Venue: Star Ballroom
Attire: Traditional Indian

Paresh's Haldi Ceremony

Let's have some fun with Paresh. Come join us at his Haldi Ceremony on the beach.

Date: Friday April 14, 2017
Time: 1:00 PM
Venue: Tucan Beach
Attire: Casual

Pre-Wedding Dinner

The Vadavias & Sadhwanis invite you to share in their joy & happiness at the pre-wedding dinner to celebrate the upcoming wedding of their children.

Date: Friday April 14, 2017
Time: 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Venue: Tucan Terrace & Garden
Attire: Smart / Casual


Paresh & Pooja invite you all to come and party the night away at the NOIR Nightclub in the Sunrise Resort. Shuttle busses will bring the group to the Sunrise Resort.

Date: Friday April 14, 2017
Time: 10:00 PM to 2 AM
Venue: Nightclub – Sunrise Section

Wedding Ceremony

"Marriage brings two souls together to start a new journey together as man and wife…
Trust is the start of it, Joy is a part of it & Love is the heart of it"

Deepa & Jagdish Vadavia
Soni & Ramesh Sadhwani

Warmly request the pleasure of your company
to grace the auspicious occasion of the wedding ceremony of

Their son
Grandson of
(The late Mr. & Mrs. Chimanlal & Shardaben Vadavia)
(The late Mr. & Mrs. Ramanlal & Ansuyaben Suba)
Their daughter
Grand-daughter of
(The late Mr. & Mrs. Arjun & Chandra Sadhwani)
(Mr. Ram Mahtani & the late Mrs. Sajni Mahtani)

Date: Saturday April 15, 2017
Time: Bharat 10:30 AM
Ceremony: (Guests Seated by 12:15 PM) 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
Venue: Caribbean Beach (Grand Section)
Attire: Elegant / Traditional

With best compliments and blessings from:
Vadavia Bradri, Relatives & Friends
Suba Bradri, Relatives & Friends
Sadhwani Bradri, Relatives & Friends
Mahtani Bradri, Relatives & Friends

Cocktails & Reception

Deepa & Jagdish Vadavia
Soni & Ramesh Sadhwani

Would be honoured by your presence at the Cocktails and Reception
Paresh and Pooja
as they embark on this new journey together as husband & wife.

Date: Saturday April 15, 2017
Time: Cocktails 6:00 PM to 8 PM
Reception: 8:00 PM - 4 AM
Venue: Star Ballroom
Attire: Formal

Our Moments

Important Information

Transportation from Airport to Moon Palace
If you've booked Flight + Hotel package with AirCanada, the transfers will be provided.
If you've only booked Hotel Only, then you will be required to get your own transfers.
We will be providing a contact info on who you can reach out to secure your transfers.

● A collective transfer Airport-Hotel(One way):$18USD P/P
● A collective transfer Airport-Hotel-Airport(Round trip):$30USD P/P

● A private transfer Airport-Hotel(One way):$55USD
● A private transfer Airport-Hotel-Airport(Round trip):$100

All vans are for 1 to 8 people and if you would like to reserve, trafictours.com will send you a CC charge form in order to make the charges for the transportation.

Once trafictours.com makes the charge,
they will send the receipt for the amount charged and the service form as well.

Almendra Perez / weddings@trafictours.com
Wendy Martinez / transfercun@trafictours.com

Moon Palace Resort & Spa offers a $1500 resort credit for each room, which can be spent in a variety of ways.
Please find the Resort Credit brochure by clicking the following link:

Baggage Info for Air Canada Vacation

For carry-on info, click Here
For checked baggage, click Here
See detailed info, click Here

Resort Map
Click on the picture to see the full map

Hablo Espanol?

In Mexico,
it is considered good manners to greet a shopkeeper when entering a store and to thank them when leaving. It is also polite to greet the hotel front desk staff as well as a host/hostess in a restaurant when you arrive.
Use the following:

Hello/Hi ~ Hola!
Good Morning ~ Buenos dias (bwenos deeyas)
Good Afternoon/Evening ~ Buenas Tardes (bwenas tardes)
Good Night ~ buenas noches (bwenas noches)
Goodbye ~ Adiós (adyos)
Your Welcome ~ De Nada (day-nada)
How are you? ~ Como está?

Yes / No ~ Si (see) No (no)
Please ~ Por Favor (por fabor)
Thank you (very much) ~ (Muchas) Gracias (moochas) gratheeyas
No Thank you ~ No Gracias
How Much...? ~ Cuánto?
Where is the bathroom? ~ Dónde está el baño?
Do you speak english? ~ Hablas Inglés?
I don't speak spanish. ~ No hablo español

At the Table/Bar:
Beer ~ Cerveza (cehr veh seh)
Wine ~ Vino (Veeno) White Wine ~ Vino Blanco Red Wine ~ Vino Tinto
Water ~ Agua (agwa)
Coffee ~ Café
Tea ~ 'Te
Milk ~ Leche (lecheh)

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